Sliding Glass Door Plantation Shutters

Sliding glass doors are often used in the back of a home for entry and exit onto a patio or yard. They add functionally as well as light and a view for the home, but because of their size, they often need window coverings for privacy, energy efficiency, and light control. Consider plantation shutters for your sliding glass doors, which can be built in three ways:

The most popular solution is to add a two-panel shutter and treat the sliding glass door like a large window. A room with the ugliest of sliding doors can be transformed with shutters, and people are often amazed at how well they function.

Sliding Glass Door Shutters - Treating Door Like a Window

A slide-over track only projects out as far as the framing (approximately 7”), but when they are both moved to one side, the louvers must be closed, blocking off half your view. 

Slide Over Track Sliding Glass Door Plantation Shutters

Many people like the stylish bi-fold track, but it is less popular because it projects into the room instead of folding against the wall when opened.

Bi-Fold Sliding Glass Door Plantation Shutters