Shutter Finish Options

O’Hair Hardwood Shutters

With custom-made real wood plantation shutters, your finish options are almost endless. We offer painted shutter finish in many popular standard colors, or we can custom color match the paint to anything you like. Most people choose to match the windowsill or casement trim, but you could also choose to match the walls, the furniture, the rug or even your favorite pair of shoes. When it comes to painted shutters, your only limit is your imagination.

Our locally made hardwood shutters also come with a stain grade option, which allows the beauty of real wood to shine. You can choose from a broad selection of common stain color choices, or you can have your shutters custom stain matched to your wood flooring, cabinets or furniture.

We use high quality, 100% acrylic, water-based paint. This provides one of the most durable, long-lasting finishes available in the industry. It dries quicker than oil based paint and forms a harder finish that stands up much better over time. Water-based paint is very low odor and dissipates quickly leaving no harmful chemicals in your home. Colors also stay truer much longer with water-based paint because they will not yellow, fade or chalk like oil-based paint. Water-based paint is clearly the superior choice for a high quality, durable, and environmentally friendly shutter finish.

Sandbrushed™ Finish

Enhance the Beauty of Your Real Wood Shutters with the Sandbrushed Finish. Resembling the smoothly rippling sands of a pristine beach, the O'Hair Sandbrushed surface accentuates the natural beauty of real wood with the added dimension of a natural grain contour. Ideal for a variety of finishes, Sandbrushed sculpting brings out subtle highlights and shadows. It also provides a touch of visual interest to painted finishes by adding a subtle, ever-varying texture that can only be found in genuine wood shutters.