Arched Window Shutters

Add Elegance & Character with Arched Window Plantation Shutters

Arched windows add grace and beauty to any home. Shutters are the ideal solution for arched windows because when made properly, they match the exact curvature of the opening, accentuating rather than detracting from the appearance of the window.

Unfortunately, most window treatments deal with them in a way that makes them an eyesore rather than a feature. Because the geometry of the arched window is challenging, most companies cut down treatments meant for rectangular windows then glue and screw the pieces together. The homeowner is left with a flimsy end product that usually has a few of the top louvers glued permanently shut. 

In contrast, our arched window plantation shutters are made as arched shutters right from the start. This means they include all of the structural integrity and design elements that exist in our square shutter. The corners on both our square and arched shutters are constructed with mortise and tenon joinery for superior strength. All louvers are fully functional - even fractional louvers at the very top of the panel. In addition, all louvers pivot on our exclusive milled monolithic louver tenons rather than the drilled holes and plastic pins used by competing products.  

Our shutters are made using state of the art, computer-controlled woodworking equipment providing quality, consistency, and accuracy that cannot be equaled by people using hand-held tools. Our sophisticated tools and technologies allow us to produce this superior arched product in less than half the time of our competition. If your home has arched windows, they deserve to be treated right with our custom made arched window plantation shutters.

Fully Rotating Contoured Shutters

Full-View Arched Shutter panels from O’Hair feature an industry first in contour design allowing all louvers, including fractional top louvers, to operate in full rotation (same as rectangular panels). Enjoy the full range of view this remarkable design delivers; available with the conventional center tilt or the unique Horizon™ tilt system.

Custom Shutters are perfect for these Specialty Applications:

  • Arched or angled windows and doors
  • Unusually shaped windows (octagon, oval, circular)
  • Sunburst and eyebrow windows
  • Sliding track shutter panels

We take special care to accommodate different door handle styles.

More info about our Arched Shutters in the O'Hair Millwork catalog.

Visit the showroom to try them out and we’ll show you the right way to treat your arches.