When Your Neighbor’s Lights Shine In Your Windows

Applause Honeycomb Shades with Top-Down/Bottom-Up are the perfect solution to this homeowners privacy and light control issues.

You know that saying about "Good fences make good neighbors"... in this case, it seems that the right window coverings can do a lot to smooth over a neighbor situation you can't control.

A happy customer from Round Rock sent us her story about the need for a window coverings solution that helped with privacy and solved a lighting situation created by the close proximity of the neighbor's house.

"We live in one of those new neighborhoods where they build the houses REALLY CLOSE to each other. And it works out that our windows line up with our neighbors' windows… and that leads to some kind of awkward privacy and light situations. I really do like my neighbors... but we like to have our house dark at night… and they like to leave ALL the light on ALL night, and never close their blinds."

"I mean, you can't tell someone that they can't have their interior lights on all the time, but since they shine right into our house all night long, it's kind of a problem for us… so I called Leslie at Austin Window Fashions. She helped me pick out the Applause Honeycomb Shades with Top-down/Bottom Up as the perfect solution to our situation."

"Now I can easily open or close the shades any time we want more privacy or less light shining into our house. Problem solved and the honeycomb shades look great too."

Leslie Plas, Austin Window Fashions senior design consultant, added this to the story: "This is the second set of windows I've done for this customer. The first time, we put Duette Honeycomb black out shades in the bedrooms, which was perfect for helping the kids sleep at nap time. This time, the customer wasn't concerned about the insulating factor, so we decided to go with the Hunter Douglas Applause honeycomb shades. You still get the nice, crisp look like the Duette Honeycomb shades, but at a slightly better price point."

When asked about the difference between Duette Honeycomb Shades and Applause Honeycomb Shades and why she would recommend one over the other, this is what Leslie had to say:

"New construction codes mandate more energy efficiency windows already so the Applause is more than adequate with newly constructed homes. Applause shades are beautiful and have the same look as Duette but inevitably the budget of course comes into play for all consumers and Applause shades deliver the same great look as Duette but at a more comfortable price point. The Applause offers all of the same lifting systems now as Duette and so much of the  process of choosing a window covering comes from a clients personal preferences. A semi opaque Applause offers more light to come into a space where as a client that wants more light diffusion without going opaque may prefer the 4 layers of fabric that the Duette Architella Honeycomb Shade provides. Color steers us too in making a final selection, both lines offer a wide range of color options."

So the neighbors can stay friends, the story has a happy ending and a perfect solution to this window coverings problem. Come by the showroom today to check out both Duette Honeycomb Shades and Applause Honeycomb Shades and let Austin Window Fashions help find a solution to your window coverings situation.

Sunroom with Appaulse Honeycomb Shades with Top-Down/Bottom UpBreakfast table with Appaulse Honeycomb Shade with Top-Down/Bottom-up.Before and After kitchen window with Applause Honeycomb Shades