The new All American Shutter

The beautiful All American Shutter in my front room.

So I’ve lived in three houses in the past 10 years, and I’ve put plantation shutters in every one of them- all from Austin Window Fashions.

Most recently, I’ve just had installed a great new product from AWF called the All American Shutter. And just like it sounds, it is truly ALL American.
The lumber is harvested and milling in America. The millwork and production is all done in the USA with all domestically made components. And the finishing and framing is done right here in Austin, Texas.

I’m proud to buy a 100% Made in the USA product; and that’s not something you’ll easily find from other local shutter dealers. They may tell you that their shutters are made in America, but if you look a little closer, you’ll find the shutters are just assembled in the USA from foreign made part and foreign grown trees. Is that really a domestically made shutter?

Additionally, claims of the species of wood you are getting in your other dealers shutter are likely often incorrect. The imported shutter component industry is based entirely on price. Foreign component manufacturers are continually making changes to save money. Once the foreign components are primed and sanded, it is very difficult to tell what kind of wood they are exporting.

In contrast to the O’Hair shutter line also sold at Austin Window Fashions, the All American shutters utilize more conventional methods of construction typical of most shutters in the market today. Using these conventional techniques provides cost savings that AWF pass on to the customers in the form of a less expensive alternative to the O'Hair product line.

And I must say that I really like the free rear-tilt feature that comes standard on the All American Shutter from Austin Window Fashions. It gives the shutters a clean open and modern look. The All American Shutter is the most comparable AWF shutter product to other shutter dealers in town, except the All American Shutter is guaranteed to be 100% made in the USA, which you won’t get from the competition.

Features of the All American Shutters
• American grown lumber
• American millwork
• American labor
• Free standard hidden rear tilt-rod
• 3 1/2" or 4 1/2" louvers
• Flat or elliptical louvers
• Standard or custom paint colors
• Several frame styles to choose from

The only limitations are they can’t do arched shutters in the All American Shutter, but AWF has you covering with beautiful arched shutters in their O’Hair Shutter line. And the All American Shutter has a max panel size 36” wide x 84” tall. So visit the showroom to check them out or call for a free in-home appointment: 512-836-3388

The All American Shutter in my front room.