Imported Shutters VS Our Texas Made Shutters

On the left, a shutter imported from China. On the right, Window Fashions of Texas shutter, made RIGHT here in Texas!

Imported Chinese Shutters vs. Window Fashions of Texas locally made shutters.


Our experienced Design Consultant Brittany helped this homeowner by replacing the badly done Chinese Shutters with our locally made, Totally Texan Shutters.

"Here are pictures from the customer that origianally ordered the Chinese shutters.  The first picture is one of our shutters we already installed. See how it is set inside their wood casement, nice and flush. 

Widnow Fashions of Texas locally made shutter- done right!

This window was originally supposed to be included on her order with the Chinese shutter company, but they didn't deliver - they claimed she called and cancelled that window, which she did not.  So who knows what happened there - did they forget to order? lost/damaged in shipping?

After seeing ours installed, she saw how much better our shutter is in every way and loved working with all of us.  Since this window is open to the other in the dining area, she is having us replace it.

These photos below are of the Chinese shutter in the dining room. See how they mounted outside and on top of the existing casing?  This was not what the customer originally wanted but was told it would have to be."

If you want beautiful shutters done right and without the months long wait, stop by the Austin Window Fashions showroom and we can show you why our Totally Texan shutters are the way to go!

Imported chinese shutters mounted wrong.

Imported chinese shutters stick out from the wall- not what the customer wanted.