Holiday Pinterest Boards from Austin Window Fashions

Make everything Merry and Bright with holiday decor ideas on our Pinterest page.

Christmas is upon us! It’s only a few days away…are you ready? Is your house looking festive? Are you prepared for overnight guests? Do you have a plan for hosting your party? If so, good for you! If not, let Austin Window Fashions help.

There are three main elements to entertaining during the holidays: House Guests, Holiday Décor, and Hosting.

House Guests

Let’s talk specifically about House Guests who will come to your home and spend the night. How can you make their stay comfortable and enjoyable?

There are so many little touches that can make a huge difference for your guests.

  • Have ample fresh towels set out
  • Set out toiletry necessities they may have forgotten
  • Provide bottles of water and glasses in case they get thirsty in the night
  • Set out breakfast “appetizers” for early risers
  • Make sure to provide a fan and / or extra blankets to keep them cool / warm in the night
  • Provide a three-plug outlet so they have enough plugs for electronics, etc.

Take a look at our Hostessing Pinterest Board for more great ideas and helpful tips.

Holiday Décor

You have probably already put up and trimmed the tree and created your Christmas light display in the yard, but just in case you haven’t, AWF created a Christmas Decoration Board for your creative enjoyment. There are loads of lovely ideas there for ways to make your home merry and bright.

We also have numerous Christmas crafts on our Christmas Crafts Board. There are some excellent ideas for things to do with your children in the days leading up to Christmas. In addition, there are some craft ideas that would be fun to do with your extended family after Christmas dinner on the 25th

The craft board also has some outdoor activity ideas because we all know that here in Texas, it’ll be 70°!


Now it’s time for the party! If you’re the one hosting a Holiday party or Christmas Dinner with family and friends, it’s good to have a plan for the day. We’ve got pins on our Hostessing Board to help you plan the event starting a few days out, shop for the groceries you’ll need, set up a buffet table, and enjoy your party stress-free.

Here are some of my favorite tips:

  • Keep it simple. Simple food (store bought pumpkin pie really does taste just as good as homemade!). Simple table settings (edibles for a centerpiece – like oranges and nuts – are inexpensive and beautiful). Simple activities (don’t feel the need to script out the whole event – leave room for spontaneity).
  • Let others help. Give the kids and hubby jobs to help get things ready. Be okay with the way they do it – even if it’s not the way you would do it! Let your guests contribute to the food and clean up (if they offer).
  • Forget trying to impress – instead aim to engage with each guest and enjoy the warmth of friends and family in your home.
  • As the host, your mood will set the tone. Give yourself plenty of time to get things ready, then 20 minutes before folks are scheduled to arrive, sit down, take a deep breath and enjoy how beautiful your home looks!

Make the most of your holiday entertaining by being prepared – prepared for your guests, prepared with beautiful decorations, and prepared to be a gracious hostess. Take a look at our Pinterest Boards to help you organize your ideas for fun and beautiful holiday events.