Archived Posts from 12/2018

Five Examples of Door Handle Cutouts

Shutters are popular on door windows for privacy and light control. With that, there comes the extra consideration of how to add the shutter and still have functioning door handles or knobs. Here are five examples of door shutters with door-handle cutouts.

7 Design Ideas to Bring Living Coral Into Your Home

The world of design waited patiently for the all-important announcement. The Pantone Color Institute chose Living Coral as Color of the Year 2019. Vivid, light-hearted and simply radiating excitement, this color leapt into the spotlight. But, do you find yourself wondering...

Style Announcement: The Trending Colors of 2019

As we plan to say goodbye to 2018 in the coming weeks, we look ahead with excitement and anticipation. Luckily, for the design world, the trending colors of 2019 have already been decided. The Pantone Color Institute has just announced the favored Color of the Year, choosing...