Archived Posts from 10/2018

Turning a house into a home- the Smith family moves to Austin

When the fabulous Mommy blogger Mandy Smith and her family moved to Austin, installing new window coverings was an important part of making the house into their new family home.

How to Make Your Bedroom the Sanctuary of Your Dreams

If your bedroom is not a relaxing space you feel happy to be in, it may be time to roll up your sleeves and start some DIY remodeling.

Have Little Ones In Your Life? You Need Child Safe Blinds.

In today’s world, parents are hyper aware of safety–because they are also aware of the dangers. If the pitter patter of little feet grace your home, child safe blinds and shades provide peace of mind...

Austin Steam Train Blinds

Check out the new blinds in the Silver Pine car of the Austin Steam Train.

Holiday Home Design: Beautifully Decorated + Functional

October has just begun, fall is officially here, and we’re getting ready for the upcoming holidays! Every year, they seem to sneak up on us, giving us little time to prepare...