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Five Examples of Door Handle Cutouts

Shutters are popular on door windows for privacy and light control. With that, there comes the extra consideration of how to add the shutter and still have functioning door handles or knobs. Here are five examples of door shutters with door-handle cutouts.

7 Design Ideas to Bring Living Coral Into Your Home

The world of design waited patiently for the all-important announcement. The Pantone Color Institute chose Living Coral as Color of the Year 2019. Vivid, light-hearted and simply radiating excitement, this color leapt into the spotlight. But, do you find yourself wondering...

Style Announcement: The Trending Colors of 2019

As we plan to say goodbye to 2018 in the coming weeks, we look ahead with excitement and anticipation. Luckily, for the design world, the trending colors of 2019 have already been decided. The Pantone Color Institute has just announced the favored Color of the Year, choosing...

Naturally Modern Styling with Provenance Woven Wood Shades

Many of today’s hottest styles weave together elements of nature and contemporary design. The result is chic yet comfortable, organic yet polished. If you’re looking to infuse your spaces with this naturally modern form of styling, we highly recommend Provenance Woven Wood Shades.

Ways to Cover Sliding Glass Doors

Examples of lots of ways to cover sliding glass doors.

Goodbye, Window Issues! Hello, Atmosphere.

Like love at first site, you once walked into your home with dreamy anticipation. And now? Are window issues getting in the way of the perfect atmosphere you once envisioned? The changing of the seasons can present challenges we’ve...

Designer’s Top Picks- Mary DeMarco

Welcome to Mary DeMarco, our newest Design Consultant at Austin Window Fashions. We've asked Mary to share her "Designer's Top Picks" in window coverings.

Fall Solutions for Year Round Control

Have the cooler temps this fall left you with a drafty atmosphere in your home? From the scorching heat and humidity of summer, to the chilly season we’re entering, you need year round control to feel comfortable in your own home.

Turning a house into a home- the Smith family moves to Austin

When the fabulous Mommy blogger Mandy Smith and her family moved to Austin, installing new window coverings was an important part of making the house into their new family home.

How to Make Your Bedroom the Sanctuary of Your Dreams

If your bedroom is not a relaxing space you feel happy to be in, it may be time to roll up your sleeves and start some DIY remodeling.

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