ABC’s of Austin Window Fashions – F is for Factory Direct

Our factory direct real wood shutters are made right here in Austin in the workshop behind the showroom.

Buying factory direct spells benefits for you, as a consumer. From cost savings to faster turnaround to supporting your local economy and workers – it’s a win-win-win!

Cost Savings: Simply put, buying factory direct means the customer can buy directly from the manufacturer. The obvious benefit here is that there is no middleman requiring a cut of the profit. The fewer people there are between you and your product, the better the price. E-commerce and distribution catalogs opened the door to this option in the 1990’s and we’ve been reaping the benefits ever since. Stepping away from the traditional tiered sales system meant the consumer had more direct access to the product without all the layers of salesmen in between.

Faster Turnaround: Another benefit to buying factory direct comes in the form of faster turnaround, especially for customized items. Instead of your order being purchased here, manufactured there, color-matched over there, and finally shipped back to here, your factory direct item is purchased, manufactured, and finalized in proximity – in some cases, under the same roof.

Support Local Economy and Workers: Supporting our local economy is also a key feature of buying factory direct (assuming you are buying from a local source). Not only does this mean taking care of workers right in your own community, it means maintaining businesses that understand that needs of the community as well as the impact and consequences of actions.

At Austin Window Fashions, we support and foster the concept of factory direct sales; our manufacturing facility is right behind our showroom. You can come visit our showroom where you have the ability to see, feel, and operate all of our different varieties of window treatments and then take a tour of our finishing workshop. You will also receive one-on-one attention from one of our friendly and highly knowledgeable design consultants as you make the decisions to meet your specific needs. They live in the Austin area, so they know the trends and styles of the area and can merge them beautifully with your tastes.

At Austin Window Fashions, you can touch the products you’re considering purchasing, see how they’re made, and talk to real, live Austin locals. It’s like a field trip for grown ups!

Take advantage of Factory Direct at Austin Window Fashions. You’ll love the savings and quick turnaround as well as feel good about doing something good for your community.

Factory direct shutters made 100% right here in Texas!

Custom stained and painted shutters made right here in Austin, Texas!

Factory direct shutters made 100% right here in Texas!