A Tale of Two Arched Windows

Exterior photo of two arched windows who have finally been properly treated.

Before photo of Arched Window improperly trerated with a mini blind.This poor, abused arched window. For the first 18 years of his life, he sat there in the den, stoically tolerating the ugly aluminum mini-blind that cut across his width. What were they thinking!?! Treating such a graceful perfect arch with such careless disregard! Why! What did this window ever do to deserve such treatment!?!

True, the sun glared in every afternoon through his uncovered arched top. The heat! The light! He couldn’t control it! But that was hardly his fault. It’s not what he wanted to happen, but how could he help it with nothing but a dusty cheap mini-blind slashing his mid section. It provided a little privacy- but that was about it.

This arched window silently dreamed to himself that one day, it could be so much better.

And then, one Monday in August, his dreams came true!

AWF installer unloading an arched shutter from the truck.Two wonderful installers from Austin Window Fashions showed up like Fairy Godmothers with hammers. They knew the window’s dimensions exactly- and they brought with them the most beautiful, custom made, real wood plantation shutter to suit the arched window. It fit like a glove- and more importantly, it perfectly covered his perfect arch. If a window could cry, tears of gratitude would be streaming down the these pains of glass. Finally, this poor, abused arched window got the treatment he deserved!

Den before and after plantation shutters from Austin Window Fashions


Little did he know, that in the next room, there was an even bigger, long suffering arched window. She was the Big Bertha of arched windows. At 70 inches wide and 83 inches tall with a perfect arch, she was a real beauty- but who knew how to cover a window like that? Over the years the owners had strung up various tacky patterned draperies. Still the sun and the glare poured in the uncovered arch.

Huge arched window before shuttersAfter 18 years of benign neglect, the house was sold and new owners moved in. Fortunately, they knew how to properly treat a big arched window like Bertha. They called on the experts at Austin Window Fashions. A Design Consultant named Leslie came out to the house and took one look at Bertha and knew just what to do. This large window with it’s huge perfect arch would be perfect for their locally made real wood plantation shutters. Using the highest quality materials and precision millwork techniques, Austin Window Fashions was able to make shutters that easily covered a window that large with only two panels.

Precise measurements were taken and the order was placed. A short four weeks later, those Fairy Godmother installers showed up with a piece of window covering artwork made out of wood.

AWF Installer making sure the new shutter fits perfectly.The Austin Window Fashions installers are very experienced in all types of window covering installations. This one needed a little extra attention, but they knew just what to do. You see, Bertha was so tall, that she even cut into the crown moulding at the top of the wall. The shutter frame would have to be modified just a little bit to make it all fit in. By the time the installers were finished, the shutter fit perfectly and looked like it had always been there. The paint match with perfect. The louvers were fully operational all the way to the top of the arch. And most importantly, the sun was no longer welcome to glare into the office every afternoon.

AWF installers posing with their finished work.Now Big Bertha was Beautiful! She finally had the window coverings that she deserved. The only way to properly treat an arched window is with an arched shutter- and when you want it done right, you call the experts and Austin Window Fashions.

There are a lot of arched windows out there- many in your very neighborhood- and if they could talk, they would tell you their dreams that one day, they too, could get the proper treatments they deserve.

Do your part to stop arch abuse! Call Austin Window Fashions today and together, we can give your windows the happily ever after they deserve!

Office before and after photos