Wood Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds is a term that gained popularity in the 1980’s mostly in reference to one-inch, aluminum mini-blinds. Now days the term venetian blinds or wood venetian blinds is often used as a general term when looking for horizontal slated window coverings or blinds.  Hunter Douglas Blinds offer a large selection of different styles with varying widths and material for blinds. There are Faux Wood Blinds in the Everwood Blinds Collection, Real Wood Blinds in the Parkland Blinds Collection, and even metal blinds and other options you can learn all about in the showroom.

A Venetian blind has horizontal slats, one above another. Venetian blinds are basic slatted blinds made of metal or plastic; wooden slats are sometimes used but in the US these are now usually referred to as wood blinds or bamboo blinds. They are suspended by strips of cloth called tapes, or by cords, by which all slats in unison can be rotated through nearly 180 degrees. There are also lift cords passing through holes in each slat. When these cords are pulled, the bottom of the blind moves upward, causing the lowest slats to press the underside of the next highest slat as the blind is raised. 

A Popular option available in Hunter Douglas blinds is the exclusive de-Light™ feature which eliminates cord holes and blocks light for better privacy and light control.

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